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Softlite Surfboards

Softlite Surf is an Australian brand that offers a complete range of softboards and accessories that mixes together quality, performance and safety. Whether you are a beginner or advanced surfer, there will be a Softlite Surfboard that fits your needs. Flag friendly and open beach friendly, Softlite Surfboards are made for all conditions and have been tested accordingly.

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History of Softlite Surfboards

Softlite designs softboards since 2005, and because their slogan is “surfing shouldn’t be so hard”, the Softlite surfboard range of softboards is wide and complete. From performance softboards such as the Softlite Beaker 5’6 with sharp rails to bigger softboards like the Softlite Test Tube 8’0, a fun and more polyvalent board for the smaller days, even for the most experienced surfers the Softlite surf range has it all.

Softlite Surfboards Range

If you are after turns, airs and barrels, the Softlite surf range has weapons like the Fish Stick that will undoubtedly increase your level of fun whether you are surfing knee-high waves to pumping overhead waves. If you are more after a mellow ride you will find in the Softlite surf range some softboards like the School Bus or Chop Stick to have the most fun on logging waves and you will never need to worry about missing a session again. Softboards like the Softlite School Bus or Test Tube are also some of the best in the range to learn and improve your surfing. The Extruded Polystyrene core used by Softlite surf offers them more volume and as a result, makes paddling into waves and standing up a lot easier than what it would be on any fiberglass surfboards. With the best buoyancy and stability on Softlite surfboards allowing you to improve at a better rate. 

Because the look is also important when buying a softboard, Softlite surf features a range of colors for everyone. From bright colors combos of the Softlite Fish Stick that will get you noticed at the lineup to more neutral tones like the Softlite Biohazard if you want to keep it lowkey, the Softlite surf range has it all.

Softlite surf features a range of softboards with the best shapes. Each of them are designed and tested in a complete collaboration between professional surfers and shapers. This is allowing the brand to create a shape that perfectly mixes together stability and performance and thus, create a Softlite surfboard ideal to any surfer. This is allowing you to continue to enjoy your Softlite surfboard even if you improve quickly, thus avoiding the board to become useless and finish his days in the back of your garage. Indeed, even if you are buying a beginner friendly Softlite surfboards to learn surfing, the board will remain extremely fun as you improve and even when you will be an experienced surfer, it is still going to be a fun board to take out on the proper days.

Softlite Surfboards Technology

Softlite surfboards are all made in molded cores, ensuring every softboards to come out the same. These molds also create a harder shell of EPS (Extruded Polystyrene) foam on the outside, making Softlite surfboards stiffer and more durable. Moreover, the EPS core used by Softlite is completely waterproof and even if you are unlucky and manage to ding your Softlite surfboard, there is big chances it will never be as serious as it might have been on a fiber glass board.

Softlite surfboards are constructed using a stringer to re-inforce the softboards. Softlite surf is using their own bamboo stringer system technology. These stringers are re-enforced with fiberglass sheeting and epoxy in order to give their softboards the optimal amount of flex while keeping them resistant. The reinforced bamboo stringer technology used in Softlite surfboards will protects the stringer from weakening and rotting overtime, making all Softlite surfboards much more durable. Weakening and rotting stringers are a common issue in other cheaper softboard brands that are using wooden stringers in their boards.

A new innovation from Softlite Surf is the absence of screws on the deck. The softboards now look better, much like a normal fiberglass surfboard, are easier and faster to wax and you will never encounter kicking toes issues on the deck screws anymore, making surfing a softlite surfboards much more enjoyable.

The Softlite surfboards also feature a huge new innovation, the Bones and shanks fin system. This system allows quick installation and removing of fins. Even though Softlite surf includes a pair of fins in their Softlite surfboards, the system also allows you to change fins regarding your needs. If you are a less advanced surfer or on crowded It is better to use the soft fins that comes with the board. As you improve or if you are an experienced surfer, you have the possibility to use harder fins on your Softlite surfboard. Using harder fins on your softboard will avoid drifting issues that you may encounter with soft fins.

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