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Mick Fanning Softboards

MF Softboards are soft surfboards designed surfing’s legend and three times world champion Mick Fanning. By being one of the best surfer in the world, Mick Fanning used his huge experience to create the Mick Fanning Signed Surfboards. A wide range of soft surfboards adapted to surfers of all abilities.

Our Mick Fanning Softboards Softboards

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Performance Soft surfboards by 3 times world champion Mick Fanning

The creation of the Mick Fanning signed surfboards started with a statement: Traditional softboards lack performance and because of that, experienced surfers avoid riding soft surfboards.

The reason why is that traditional soft surfboards are made using rudimentary materials and construction techniques. When designing Mick Fanning Surfboard, performance issues were successfully fixed by utilizing a new construction techniques and quality materials that are typically only used for advanced high performance surfboards and combining these materials and techniques with traditional softboards construction.

Mick Fanning’s surfboard brand is a reflection of Mick Fanning itself. It is a range of products designed and created to guarantee Mick, as an professional surfer, can perform at its best abilities riding Mick Fanning Soft Surfboards.

The technologies involve in the making of the Mick Fanning Softboards

To suit the needs of the 3x times world champion, the Mick Fanning signed surfboards are designed with optimum technologies and the best materials available on the market.

The core of the Mick Fanning surfboards is made of expanded Polystyrene (EPS) a very light and strong foam that has more buoyancy and floatation giving the Mick fanning surfboards more paddling speed and manoeuverability. 

The deck of the EPS core used in Mick Fanning signed surfboards is recessed with a hybrid carbon fiber material that behaves in a similar way to a leaf spring allowing optimal storage of eventual energy during the bottom turn phase with a gradual release resulting in a sleek transition during top turns.

Furthermore, the EPS core of the Mick Fanning surfboards is stratified with layers of high grade E-Cloth and Epoxy resin resulting in a strong internal skeleton.

On the exterior side of a Mick Fanning surfboard is 4mm IXPE deck skin and HDPE bottom skin creating a real soft surface.

Regarding the fins, Mick Fanning signed softboards are FCS II and Futures fins compatible. Indeed, the Mick Fanning softboards use an industry first fin plug system allowing you to upgrade your soft fins for hard FCSII or Futures fins. 

The MF soft surfboards range

Different softboards for different needs, the Mick Fanning surfboard range has it all.

The DHD X Mick Fanning Twin Fin Soft surfboard has been specifically designed for having a blast during the summer and performs best in the 1 to 4ft surf range. All boards come with FCSII Soft Flex or FUTURES F8 Safety Thruster set that you easily change for more performance. This model has small channels starting from the back of the front fin to rail add a little extra hold during critical turns. The Mick Fanning Surfboard X DHD Twin Fin mixes elements of the DHD Mini Twin and the DHD Twin Fin with a curvy outline and hip swallow tail to improve fast rail to rail turns.

Still in the DHD X Mick Fanning Softboards is the DHD Black Diamond. These Mick Fanning signed surfboards are designed with a pulled in tail to help keeping you in the pocket and draw out turns. The widest point is more ahead than normal, expanding the volume around the nose area and dropping the entry rocker a bit. The Mick Fanning Surfboards Black Diamond have an efficient paddle and is fast off the front foot.

Next up in the range is The Eugenie. This Mick Fanning surfboard is a copy of a design initially shapes by Mick Fanning itself. It was shaped to perform best in the smaller days around Mick’s home on the Gold Coast. This Mick Fanning Surfboard is all about ease of use while still ensuring performance when the waves turn on.

According to Mick Fanning, this soft surfboard is the perfect shape for kids that are getting into surfing and the shape of this Mick Fanning Surfboard will also fit the needs of the experienced surfers in the small summer surf.

If you are looking for the ultimate fun board, look no further, The Beastie is the model you need in your quiver. The volume of these Mick Fanning surfboards is optimally well distributed for a softboard this large, his generous outline gives this soft surfboard a good stability for catching waves. It’s the perfect shape for those looking to improve their surfing or for the surfer looking at something different than a longboard.

Last in the range, the Mick Fanning Surfboard Little Marley. This Softboard is short, wide, fast and fun. The Little Marley is a soft surfboard gifted with short rail line that will fit anywhere even into the smallest pocket possible! Even the weakest waves will remain funny with these Little Marley Mick Fanning surfboards, their small curvy outline decreases drastically drag and increase speed, helping you have the most fun even in the poorest surf. This Mick Fanning surfboard also features a single to double concave that allows full speed control and the subtle diamond tail acts as a multiple pivot points to execute perfect turns in the weakest sections possible.



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