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Mullet Nugget 4"8 Test Drive by Adrien De Meyer

jeudi, juillet 18, 2019

This summer, we are willing to test as much softboards as we can. Today we tried the Mullet Nugget 4'8. We went around Hossegor to find a good bank in classic 2/3 feets summer conditions. Ideal to try out some soft top surfboards. Swell forecast seemed to be dead for the past month, so everyone was amped for this one. We met our friend Adrien at Les Estagnot's parking and kindly asked him to test it for us. He was not really keen to surf a foam surfboard. I admit that we literally pushed him to try and didn't leave him the option to refuse ;)

Adrien is a tall dude: 6'2 for 70kg, the Mullet 4'8 may seem too short with her 28L, from what i saw, it wasn't!

Softboard center: Adri, you were not keen to go with a soft board, how do you feel? We want your feedback.

Adri: Yeah dude, I wasn't keen at all, I wanted to go with my everyday PU board, but you have been persistant (laugh). When you show me the soft top, i was like "it's way to short for me". but when I get out there, paddling was good and I felt comfortable on my first take off. I thought it would be harder to put my feet at the right place and finding the right balance. This board is wide, low entry rocker, you get speed straight away. I did a few small turns, I didn't expect to be able to move it that easy. Go fast, you keep control, you can turn... I had fun my boy! (laugh) I caught about 10 waves in 1 hour, I don't say that to make you happy, but that was a really nice experience, it's only my second time on a soft surfboard and I really enjoyed this surf session.

Softboard center: Would you like to try different models?

Adri: Off course my boy!

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