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We tried another soft surfboard for you : the Softlite Test Tube 8’0

jeudi, juillet 18, 2019

We enjoyed 2 to 3 feet windy waves yesterday to try the high-end 8’0 foam surfboard by Softlite, the 8'0 Test Tube. Seb, who tried the board, won’t complain about the conditions as we just got the a 1-month-long flat spell.

Softboard Center: Hi Seb! Why did you chose to try this board in particular?

Seb: I was looking for a really big board for summer. I already have several boards in my quiver but none that would be fun in one-foot weak waves. I also wanted it soft because I don’t want to hurt anyone when it’s crowded with beginners during summer.

Softboard Center: What were your first feelings with the board?

Seb: I caught like 3 or 4 waves in 15 minutes. I could take off from really far out the back, the wave still being almost flat.

It was closing out really fast so it was pretty handy to take off early. The construction of the board is crazy. The rails are really sharp. You almost forgot you’re surfing a soft surfboard. Only down side are the soft fins. It must be enough for any beginners but I’m pretty sure the board would be better with my hard fins.

Softboard Center: Have you ever surfed any softboards before?

Seb: Yes, I’ve tried school boards and cheap boards from Decathlon. I can’t say I didn’t like their boards, but I could instantly feel that it was faster and sharper than the boards I’ve tried before, especially on the rails (see last photo) that you can use easily. It’s still good for beginners too. I will add it to my quiver for summer.

Softboard Center: Thanks for the feedback Seb!

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