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Lionel Franssen has tested the foamie Mullet 6'0 Single Fin for you!

jeudi, juillet 25, 2019
Lionel just got back from Desert Point in Indonesia, where he scored 3 big swells in 15 days. He agreed to try the soft top Mullet Single Fin 6'0 for us.
We can imagine going back to France for our usual summer conditions was a tough one. But if you try hard enough, it can be fun!
"My friends just went through a month of flat. Literally no waves. So I felt pretty lucky to get 3 foot waves when I arrived!", said Lionel.
Water is warm, sand is burning and bikinis are all over the beach. Perfect to relax and try a good old Single Fin. Only a few softboards brands have taken the risk to release a Single Fin foam surfboard. It's a challenging one and Mullet Boards did it. Lionel totally approves:
"It's really comfy when you are paddling, balance is different, foot position is kind of free, you just express yourself as you want, old school or new lines, new curves, you are driven by your letting go, like a free feeling.
The board board comes with a "us single fin box" and a hard fin, it's really make the difference."
Give this board a go, you won't regret it.
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