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The Softlite Biohazard tested and approved by Lionel Franssen

lundi, août 19, 2019

Lionel Franssen has tested the shortest board in the Softlite soft board range: the Softlite Biohazard 5'0 in classic summer conditions in France. 

"My first feeling was that the board is comfortable to paddle on. Pretty easy to take-off as well. Is short shape and its construction with double moulded stringer makes it really stiff for a soft top surfboard. Loving the rails too, I could feel I had a great drive straight away. 

Only downside for me is that it's really short. I wouldn't recommend it for bigger dudes. It's a great board for light guys, teenagers or kids. 

I usually recommend to surf foam surfboards with hard fins. But I'd say I was happy to have my soft fins on to avoid hurting swimmers who were not swimming between the flags. Safe to say there were too many today."

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