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Paul Labelle tries the Mullet Fish Finger 5’2 at La Gravière

mercredi, novembre 6, 2019

The weather was warm, wind was blowing off-shore… A sweet Autumn day in Les Landes for our buddy Paul to try out the Fish Finger from Mullet in some fun Gravière like we like it, he gives us his feeling :

« What attracted me in the first place was the design and logo of the board (laughs) and in the water the board didn’t disappoints, I really liked it ! Really comfortable when paddling, nice drive in the barrel, the rail holds pretty well, perfect for late take-off and unlike other softboards I tried I didn’t experienced any drifts. With my height (6’2) I would have liked a slightly longer board but I didn’t bother me much, I still had fun. At the end, I’d say it’s a very versatile board, fun in the small as much as in the big surf.

The Fish Finger is a versatile performance softboard perfect for ripping up the summer waves. Using a traditional fish shape it has a bit of extra volume up front to help paddling and help maintain speed through weak sections or sloppy conditions. Being only 5'2 it allows tight turns and "top to bottom" style surfing in small waves.

Please note that we are currently out of stock on this model but you can still check out the other Mullet boards we have.

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