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Test of the Mullet Biscuit 5'4 by Lionel Franssen

mardi, mars 10, 2020
When the conditions are here, the first reflex that we have is to look for the best board of our quiver to make the best out of the swell
In Les Landes, autumn is often the best time to surf long swells period, added to that good sandbanks, this usually means plenty of tubes. 
A sweet opportunity for Lionel Franssen to give the Mullet biscuit 5’4 a go in in some pretty cool surf. 
Here is his post session reaction: 
"The waves were perfect, I hesitated to take a classic PU board to be sure I will get good tubes, but I saw many close out and I did not want to break my board, I opted for this soft surfboard. Mullet 5'4 can seem small, but this soft surfboard is still 35L which is heavier than my classic 28L boards, I was very comfortable when paddling and the fact that the board is equipped with a quattro allowed me to keep speed and control, I really had fun, 
I thought that the board would be too short but in the end it was psyched ! 
Well, I admit that I also got pounded in big close outs but you gotta pay to play ;) "
Like Lionel, if you want to test a soft surfboard or receive advices to know which softboard to choose, contact our team and we will happily help you choose the soft surfboard that fits your needs
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