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Catch Surf Plank 9'0 Single Fin White +

Catch Surf Plank 7'0 Single Fin Emerald

$ 465.87

8’0” x 23.0” x 3.375” (86 Liters)
The retro softboard of the iconic Californian brand Catch Surf.

An extremely fun single fin longboard that is only asking for noseriding and cruising down the line.

Equiped with 3 stringers, it enhances the stiffness and reactivity of the board while also inceasing his lifespan.


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CoreStiff Dual-Composite Core
StiffenersTriple Maple-Wood Stringers
DeckOld-School PE Deck
SlickDurable HDPE graphic slick bottom
OptionsTons of Float and Easy Wave Catching
LevelSuper Fun For All Skill Levels!
ShapeClassic Funboard Shape for Maximum Wave Count
FinsSingle fin

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Catch Surf Plank 7'0 Single Fin Emerald

Catch Surf Plank 7'0 Single Fin Emerald

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