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Softlite Chop Stick 9'0

$ 346.33


The 9'0 is a new addition to the Softlite range. We would recommend this for beginner riders weighing 85kg+, although if you are an experienced surfer of any weight, you'd be able to use this to get your wave count up on the smaller days.

The 9'0 uses our Mini Mal Shape template. This is ideal for learning as they paddle fast, allowing you to catch more waves, and give you a little more time to get to your feet. Once your up and riding, the wider nose makes them extremely stable.

Don't discount this board if your already a competent surfer though. Having one of these in your quiver is a surefire way to ensure there is no waves too small or too crowded, so you'll be surfing more than ever! 

 9'0 X 23 5/8" X 3 5/8" (90L)

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Softlite Chop Stick 9'0

Softlite Chop Stick 9'0

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