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Catchsurf Skipper Odysea-Taj Burrow 6'6

$ 439.31

The Odysea 6'0 Skipper Taj Burrow Quad is a fish-tail softboard that will allow you to generate speed while maintaining control on the face of the waves. One of the best foam surfboard to draw some clean carves. Comes with high-performance fins, this board is adapted for power surfing and heavy waves.

Ideal to surf heavy shore breaks without breaking your board.

6’6” x 22.0” x 3.125” (55 L)


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CoreStiff dual composite core
DeckOld-School PE
Slickgraphic HDPE
StringerTriple (x3) maple stringers
FinsHi-Performance removeable fin system

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Catchsurf Skipper Odysea-Taj Burrow 6'6

Catchsurf Skipper Odysea-Taj Burrow 6'6

Soft fins included & compatible with FCSI fins.

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