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Mullet Fat Cat 4'8" +

Mullet Fat Cat 4'8"

$ 272.10

The Fat Cat was designed purely to make small waves fun again. It is based on the theory of a "planing hull" and is similar to a Mini Simmons style template. This means you can get exceptional down the line speed off the weakest of sections. Combined with the twin keel fins, this makes it the ideal board for spinning and sliding through sloppy summer waves or long weak point breaks. Goes pretty good finless too!

What if the waves get hollow? No problems. This shape now seems to be our team riders go-to board for slabby waves, whether its perfect 4 foot peaks, or a 2 foot close-out shoreys. Putting your foot on the inside peg of the crescent tail gives plenty of hold when required, while the shorter length allows it to easily fit in the curve of smaller hollower waves. Being kinda bulky up front means you don't lose any paddle power either.

Best thing about the Fat Cat - As its not a traditional shape, its hard to take yourself too seriously when riding a Fat Cat. So, whatever conditions you choose to ride your Fatty in, or whether your surfing good or bad, we guarantee it'll be the board you have the most fun on. 

Fat Cat is ideal for riders up to 85kg.

4'8" x 21 3/4" x 2 7/16" 35 Litres fins included.


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CoreMoulded Fusion X (EPS)
Deck10 lb PE
SlickXtra Duralinx
Stringer2 X Bamboo stringers
TailClipped Crescent
FinsKeel Twin Fin (Fins Included)

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Mullet Fat Cat 4'8"

Mullet Fat Cat 4'8"



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