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Mullet Beanstalk 7'0

$ 399.51

7'0" x 21 1/4" x 3 1/8" (54 Litres)

This is a board that pretty much anyone can have a crack on, no matter what your skill level.

This one is bigger than Mullet's usual offerings. Using a traditional Mini Mal shape, the Bean Stalk is guaranteed to have you hogging line ups and catching more waves than anyone no matter how small or weak the waves are.

Shape-wise, these templates have a bit of extra volume in the nose, so they paddle like a rocket and you’re guaranteed to be catching plenty of waves. Once you’re on your feet, they are extremely stable, but still refined enough through the rails you can put them through some turns.

At the back-end, it is pretty straight forward with the traditional thruster set-up as standard. If you’re after a bit of variety, it also goes good with a set of twin keels or finless.

Bean Stalk is ideal for advanced riders all rider sizes although if you’re just getting started, the 7’0 would suit beginners up to 70kg.

Sold with Soft fins.


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Deck10 lb PE
SlickXtra Duralinx
Stringer2 X Bamboo stringers
FinsThruster Fin Set Up with Bones and Shanks Fin System

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Mullet Beanstalk 7'0

Mullet Beanstalk 7'0

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