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Mullet TOMBSTONE 5'10

$ 393.50

Core : Fusion X (EPS)

Deck : 10 lb PE

Slick : Xtra duralinx

Tail : Square Tail


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Deck10 lb PE
SlickXtra Duralinx
Finsthruster (tri) fin setup

la pierre tombale

pas trop de rocker mais une board bien fun à rider sans dérives

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    Mullet TOMBSTONE 5'10

    Mullet TOMBSTONE 5'10

    After long research and collabs between Mullet and the shaper, the outcome is small-wave high-performance soft top surf board. Ideal for beginners and advanced riders in small waves. Available in 5’10, the Mullet Tombstones is a must-have for soft lovers. Sharp rails and diamond tail.

    Soft fins included & compatible with FCSI fins.

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