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Catchsurf Odysea LOG-Johnny Redmond 7'0 +

Catchsurf Odysea LOG-Johnny Redmond 6'0

$ 466.90

  • 6’0” x 22.0” x 3.125” (57 Liters)

The Odysea LOG has a classic look and feel with mega-float performance so you can shred with ease and style. So whether you're a stoked grom learning to surf or a more experienced surfer looking to maximize wave count, look no further the Odysea LOG is for you!

The LOG is a legit board designed with love by real surfers in California.

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DeckOld-School PE
SlickDurable HDPE graphic slick bottom
OptionsFins included
StringerTriple (x3) maple stringers
Finsthruster (tri) fin setup

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Catchsurf Odysea LOG-Johnny Redmond 6'0

Catchsurf Odysea LOG-Johnny Redmond 6'0

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