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Softboard Center - Softboard Fun and Performance

Softboard, foamie, soft top surfboard, school sled, foam board, many names that we gave to those surfboards for the last two decades. But the last 10 years has seen huge progresses in softboards history, bulding a momentum year after year with new models, new shapes and new material. We're living a new era. The fun it provides attracts more and more people.

Why? Softboards are the new cool. They're safer and cost effective. Their new shapes and technology embodies modern to retro designs. The evolution is real. All the ingredient you need to enjoy surfing more than ever.

Our mission at Softboard center is to bring our experience in this field in more and more competitive market. We test and select for you the best boards on the market. We wish to help you to choose the best stick that would fit you and that will give you the best fun.

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