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Softboard Center - Softboard Fun and Performance

The evolution of softboard or foam surfboard

Softboards, also known as foam surfboards, foam shred sleds or even school boards are used by surfers for decades, but during the last decade, the number of surfers using them has increased a lot. It has become a real alternative to PU surfboards or epoxy surfboards. Why? Because some surfers just want to focus on having fun while softboards have evolved in a way that will enable you to make real turns, get barrelled and launch airs, even though it’s still not as sharp as a PU board. It has all the advantages to have fun. Here at Softboard Center, we want to bring you a true expertise in this field and focus only on Softboards. We’ve tested 90% of the boards available on this website and we only retail the best brands on the market such as Catch Surf, Odysea Softboards, Mullet Boards, Soflite Surfboards or even Modom Surfboards and Mick Fannick Softboards. Some boards are made to be surfed by more advanced surfer, other are 100% beginner surfboards. We will explain you the difference in the following parts! We really want to guide you towards the board that will provide you with the most fun, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information about the boards.

Soft Surfboards for advanced surfer

The soft surfboard has been considered for decade as a beginner surfboard only. It became a real alternative to “performance” surfing. The main reason to it the evolution of the technology used in soft surfboards. Moulded high-density cores, stringers, mesh and thin layer of extra strong foam have increased the performances of softboards in a massive extent during the last few years. You shouldn’t be surprised to see someone getting barrelled or land a straight air at your local. Add to this having no stress to break a board (first because they don’t break easy, but also because they’re way cheaper that PU boards), more paddle power, and funky designs and you have the perfect recipe for a big dose of fun this summer! Hard to choose the best softboard on this website as we have the widest range of softboards on the market.

Beginner surfboards

The Softboard, or soft surfboard, is also the ideal board for beginner surfers as soon as you look for bigger sizes and wider shapes. It’s a matter of security, as you reduce the risks of being injured or injuring someone else while using a softboard with soft fins. And it is also a matter of convenience, being more comfortable, cheaper and most times with higher volumes. We recommend you to try 6’6 softboards or 7 softboards for riders under 65 kilos and go for the 8’O softboards if you’re heavier. You’ll find the best beginner surfboard here at Softboard Center.

How to choose your beginner surfboard?

One always asks himself many questions before buying his first surfboard. We don’t know which budget to put in, or which size to choose in order to improve your skills in ideal conditions? The price obviously depends on your budget but you’ll find really good surfboards that will last long for 300€ (not a kind of landfill softboard). The Softlite School Bus has become a reference in the industry and in most surf school as being the strongest board on the market. Couple this with a wide shape and big volume and you have the best friend of any beginner! For tinier riders or children (under 45 kilos), don’t hesitate to go down to 6’0 surfboards and you’ll be able to ride it more radically when your grommet is tired. Feel free to contact us if you wish to have more information.