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Catch Surf | Odysea

What is Catch Surf ?

Catch Surf is a Soft Surfboards, clothes and accessories brand based on the clichés that made surfing’s glory in the 80’s. Created in 2007 by George Arzente in California, the Catch Surf boards have pioneered and led the soft surfboards movement for the last 10 years. With their flashy colors, original designs on their soft surfboards and their crazy videos, the brand has forged for itself an image based primarily on fun. Catch Surf has been able to attract the best world surfers and personalities into their team that constantly push the spirit of the brand to its maximum by surfing massive waves, doing huge airs and simply by having more fun than anyone else.

Our Catch Surf | Odysea Softboards

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The Catch Surf soft surfboards range

The Catch Surf Softboards range is extremely varied and there is got to be a Catch Surf Soft Surfboard that fits your needs. You can find in the range models of all size like the Catch Surf 5’4 with the renown Catch Surf Beater and the Catch Surf Jamie O’brien but also bigger softboards like the Catch Surf 8’ or Catch Surf 9’ in the Catch Surf log or Catch Surf Odysea models.

One of the most renown Catch Surf Soft Surfboards is the Catch Surf Beater board. It is a Soft Surfboard made for a random use but mainly for shore-break type of wave or in the small surf. Indeed, the Catch Surf Beater Twin Fin is a softboard that has sharp rail on the bottom with a double channel gifted with a crescent tail that allows you to still have fun finless if you’d like to do so. The Catch Surf Beater board can be used as a surfboard, bodyboard or skimboard. The range includes softboards like the Catch Surf Beater 4’8 but also a bigger model like the Catch Surf Beater 5’4. The Catch Surf Beater pro model Jamie O’brien is the Catch Surf Beater board the most iconic of the Californian brand. The brand also does collaboration with other brand like the Catch Surf Beater Lost models and their original designs that will get you noticed at the line-up.

Moreover, the different softboards that the brand produces perform no matter the swell height, the experience of the rider or its age.

Odysea, Catch Surf’s subsidiary brand is also well known for its soft surfboards like the Catch Surf Beater. The Catch Surf Odysea range comes in different softboards models. It has soft surfboards like the Catch Surf Odysea Log, a model with a modern and accessible shape that performs well in all conditions possible. The Odysea Catch Surf Softboards will fit the needs of beginners to expert shredders thanks to their big variety of sizes available. We can find the Catch Surf Odysea Log 9’ but also the Catch Surf Odysea Log 8’ and the Catch Surf Odysea Log 7’.

The renown Catch Surf Odysea softboard has now a little brother: The brand-new Catch Surf Odysea Stump soft surfboard, half the size but twice the fun! The Catch Surf Odysea Stump allows you to go deeper in the barrel and higher in the air. This softboard features an all new hi-performance fin system and allows you to hold a solid line in the tube or lay down some rail. The Catch Surf Stump softboard also features 3 maples stringers, tons of float and an easy paddle, an Old-School PE deck with throwback design etc. Everything that makes the Catch Surf Stump soft surfboard a softboard extremely fun to ride regarding your skills.

Catch Surf’s international team

Catch Surf is the brand that has one of the best team in the world thanks to riders like Taj Burrow, a very renown and talented surfer that has a bunch of soft surfboard with his name on it, the Taj Burrow Catch Surf Pro Models. This includes softboards like the Catch Surf Skipper 6’6 Odysea or the Catch Surf Odysea Skipper 6’0. Mounted with a thruster setup, the soft surfboards Catch Surf Skipper are ideal partners to have a lot of fun while still performing well.

Jamie O’brien, a North Shore surfer known for its free surf performance as well as the content he produces, is another member of the Catch Surf Team. The Jamie O’Brien Catch Surf boards collection includes all kind of softboards to fit the needs of the Hawaiian surfer. This collection involves the Catch Surf Beater Pro Model JOB but also some Catch Surf Log, Catch Surf Stump Odysea or softboards like the Catch Surf Skipper. Known worldwide, Catch Surf uses its knowledge and experience to push the limits of their products and put on the market some quality soft surfboards.

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