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Mullet Boards | Foam Shred Sleds

With the same name as the infamous haircut from the 80’s, Mullet Softboards are all about having a good time in the water without taking yourself too seriously. The Australian brand focuses in the creation of high performance soft surfboards for low performance waves. Mullet Surf aims to give people soft surfboards that allow them to have a complete blast in average waves. In other words, a Mullet Softboard will help you care less and spend more time in the water. The Mullet Surf recipe of success leans on a specific marketing scheme made of an atypical style inspired from surfing’s early days, a series of exuberant shapes with originals colours that stand out from the crowd and designs and with nutty videos of their free surf team taking the most out of every Mullet Softboards.

Our Mullet Boards | Foam Shred Sleds Softboards

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The technologies and materials involved in Mullet Softboards

Mullet Softboards use an Extruded Polystyrene (EPS) foam as their cores. EPS foam used in Mullet Softboards offer optimum buoyancy and durability.

Beside the EPS foam, Mullet Softboards have different stringer variation. A stringer is a carbon fiber rod placed in the center of the soft surfboard that helps solidify the Softboard and thus, makes it stronger. Indeed, without stringers the durability of your soft surfboard drastically decrease as the board is more fragile and has greater chance to snap or fall to pieces depending on the conditions you are using it in. 

Mullet Surf combined the best shapes, materials to create a durable and efficient range of Mullet Softboards. A brand you can definitely trust if you love the Mullet Surf universe.

The Mullet Softboards range of Soft surfboards.

The Mullet Surf range of soft surfboards has something for everyday and for everyone. Mullet Softboards will suit the most experienced surfer as well as surfers that are just getting into the sport thanks to their wide soft surfboards range that offers something for everyone.

The ultimate small wave and all-round soft surfboard of the Mullet Surf range is The Biscuit. This Mullet Softboard has been specifically designed to work best in beach break type of waves up to 4 foot.

The Mullet Softboard Biscuit features some extra width and a high wide-point that helps when paddling and catching. Moreover, it’s small size (5’4”), makes throwing tight turns in the small surf a breeze.

The Biscuit also has much thinner rails than traditional soft surfboards.

Regarding the fins, The Biscuit by Mulet Surf has a Quad fin set for extra drive, but can also be ridden as a twin fish if you want to add some lose in your surf. This Mullet Softboard is ideal for anyone weighing up to 90kg.

Next Mullet Softboard weapon in the range is the Fresh Bean. This soft surfboard is the high-performance thruster of the Mullet Surf range.

The Fresh Bean is sold with 5 "Bones and Shanks" fin boxes, to give you the choice of riding this soft surfboard as a thruster if you want to do some top to bottom type of surf or you can surf this Mullet Softboard as a quad if you are looking for extra drive and down the line speed. Shaped smartly, The Fresh Bean has plenty of volume up high making it a very fast board when paddling and remains fun & easy to surf on the weakest of days. Furthermore, the Fresh Bean features a pulled-in tail that gives it some hold when the conditions start to pump. Thanks to a 10lb IXL Deckskin and Double stringers for extra stiffness & durability, this Mullet Softboard is what looks the most like your traditional shortboard.

During the year, there are lots of days when the surf is not really inviting. If you want to avoid going home during these days, you should consider getting one of these Mullet Surf 8’0 Single Fin. Can also be ridden finless, these Mullet Softboards will definitely increase your level of fun and clock up your wave count.

Newest in the range is the Tombstone. This Mullet Softboard is perfect for the bigger guys or the beginner to intermediate surfer who’s looking to step up their skills. The construction of this soft surfboard is basically a Mini Malibu on the front half and more of a performance thruster on the back half.

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