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Catch Surf

Catchsurf is soft top surfboards’, apparel and accessories brand based on the clichés that have been part of the surfing industry in the 80s. Fluro colors, funky designs, crazy videos, the brand has developed its own world and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Beginner surfboards, all kind of foam surfboards, and some fun and performing soft top surfboards are part of their range. The Beater for instance is a truly iconic board of the brand made to be the most versatile craft ever. You can stand-up surf if, finless or not, skimboard it or even bodyboard it. Your best friend in a summer shore break. It features graduate rails, double channels and a crescent tail so that you can have great drive even finless.

Their team is one of the very best in the world with no other than Julian Wilson who is a top surfer on the World Surf League tour or the legend of the North Shore of Oahu Jamie O’Brien that uses Catchsurf boards in almost all of his weekly videos. He put the products to the test getting barreled at 8 foot Pipeline on every surfboard the brand has created.

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