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Softlite Chop Stick 7'6

$ 389.47

The Chop Stick is the ultimate first surfboard.

The Chop Stick shape utilises a Mini Mal template ensuring they paddle fast so you'll catch plenty of waves and are extremely stable once you are up and riding.

Moreover, the Chop Stick has been designed with progression in mind. They've made sure its not to thick, so once you improve it will allow you to start doing more advance turns etc.

For all you experienced surfers, we reckon the Chop Stick will do a pretty good job of getting you in the water when you normally might turn around and head home.

The extra paddle power will greatly increase your wave count once you areout there too, but may lose you some friends in the line-up!

We would recommend this for beginner riders weighing 60-85kg, although if you are an experienced surfer of any weight, you'd be able to use this to get your wave count up on the smaller days.

7'6 x 21"5/8 x 2"3/4 (59 Litres)

Sold with fins.

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un bon longboard pour mes kids et une planche fun pour moi l'été

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    Softlite Chop Stick 7'6

    Softlite Chop Stick 7'6

    The Softlite Chop Stick is a versatile soft top which will suit every surfer from beginner to experts. Made from Softlite exclusive molds.

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